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  • ThatOneComment

    It’s just so ADORABLE. Love the page, Sage.

  • Psyche

    Nyna is so confused right now, it’s kind of adorable. Not as adorable as Kaylin, though.

  • coredumperror

    Poor Kaylin, having no luck in love. I really feel for her.

  • LordViking

    She keeps saying it because it is true.
    Also, yes, the adorable pointy ears are adorable.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • ogre of the dark

    Adorable yes ,Kaylin, just really needs to jump her cute fuzzy bones.

  • Zafnak

    “Why do you keep saying that?!”

    “‘Cause I’m horny and desperate!!”

  • tych

    her bewilderment is hilarious and so freakin’ adorable

  • Seiggrain Hart

    I can’t help but see Kaylin and Nyna as Blue and Nami on this page… Early Blue and Nami that is, before they started dating.
    Now I want to re-read Yosh!…

  • Thorn Brier

    The pain of being the only lesbian in the world (as far as she can tell). At least she’s the only lesbian in a world that doesn’t hate lesbians. Many teenagers grow up thinking they are the only person like them in the world, be that sexuality, gender identity, racial, political, or religious. But in our world there tends to be lots of hate for any ‘outside’ group.

  • Tsuki_Ouji

    *clears throat* BECAUSE YOU ARE

  • Kuschelkrabbe