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The Ivory Forest – #11

The Ivory Forest – #11 published on
Next week… Nyna realizes something she probably should have realized earlier but the threat of imminent death delayed it a bit.


Nyna: W-wait! Kaylin: Huh? Oh relax! I’m not going to attack you! Nyna: Why not? That doesn’t make any sense. Kaylin: Well, killing you would be a waste. Kaylin: You are far too cute. Nyna: Eh? Kaylin: Maybe if it was an important quest and there was something to gain from it, but there isn’t, so I’m not. No offense. Nyna: No offense? Kaylin: Well I don’t want you to believe I think you aren’t worth the time and effort. I’m sure you are a very dangerous nekomata, an elite too, right? Nyna: (thinking) Elite? Isn’t that the term mother said the Adventurers described her? It’s why they avoided her solo? (aloud) Yeah! That’s right!

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