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Nyna: W-wait!

Kaylin: Huh? Oh relax! I’m not going to attack you!

Nyna: Why not? That doesn’t make any sense.

Kaylin: Well, killing you would be a waste.

Kaylin: You are far too cute.

Nyna: Eh?

Kaylin: Maybe if it was an important quest and there was something to gain from it, but there isn’t, so I’m not. No offense.

Nyna: No offense?

Kaylin: Well I don’t want you to believe I think you aren’t worth the time and effort. I’m sure you are a very dangerous nekomata, an elite too, right?

Nyna: (thinking) Elite? Isn’t that the term mother said the Adventurers described her? It’s why they avoided her solo? (aloud) Yeah! That’s right!


Nice bluff, Nyna.

Her name is Nyna?! 11/10. Love you, Sage.

The page where she actually says her name is coming up. Check the ABOUT/FAQ page for how her name was chosen- it might surprise you. 😀

Ooo, a WoW reference? Or, maybe other MMOs use “Elite” to mean “shoulnd’t be solo’d”, too?

Either way, I just started reading this comic today, but I’ve been a Yosh fan for ages and ages. Really glad I finally gave this one a chance! It’s definitely going in my regular reading list.

pretty much every MMO since WoW has used the term “Elite” in some version to represent enemies that are much harder then normal enemies. Not necessarily “Do not solo” though, as why would you worry about an elite enemy that’s impossible to solo when level 10, when you’re level 100?

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