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The Ivory Forest – #06

The Ivory Forest – #06 published on 10 Comments on The Ivory Forest – #06
If you didn’t know, I stream every Friday night on Picarto. I always work on the AI comic then if you want to get a look at how it’s made check out after 9pm EST!
  • CivD666

    Nyna will need to discuss the concept of personal space with Kaylin in regards to her nether regions.

    • Hevensdragon

      Ha good luck on that.

  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Hells? So there is more than one in this lands lore? Does one of them happen to be ruled by a penguin?

  • Guardianassassin

    No underwear you say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • with an outfit that exposes so much leg? bold choice.

  • SFCGator

    Or maybe ‘Bakeneko”? That said, is she a true Yokai? Really love your work and will try to look in on Fridays.

    • Hevensdragon

      She has fire and is hunting a humanoid, nekomata makes more sense.

  • Hevensdragon

    Skirt flip

  • Psyche

    I don’t think that Kaylin just happened to look up Nyna’s skirt by accident.

  • tych

    very bold tact grabbing a neko’s tail, irregardless of whether it’s
    anthro cat girl yokai or something else never grab or pull a cat’s tail it’s just dangerous