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The Ivory Forest – #04

The Ivory Forest – #04 published on 16 Comments on The Ivory Forest – #04
Introducing the most popular character that wasn’t in the comic until now(unless you count her foot in the last comic or the cover-). Enjoy!
  • Henry Cannon

    And cue some more of Kaylin’s advances getting shut down in three… two… one…

    • Sandman366

      Shut down with punches, or will the punches slow down in the confusion of “Really? Now?

  • tych

    prepare for some catgirl shenanigans

    • Kitirena Koneko

      My ears are itching–did someone call for a catgirl, nyao?

  • Psyche

    I’m guessing that the ensuing fight is going to consist largely of Kaylin messing with Nyna.

    • Kitirena Koneko

      And not in the way that Kaylin wants to, I suspect…

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Shouldn’t have dumped that waterskin on her, babe. Don’t you know us kitties HATE getting sprayed with water, nyao?

    • Sepher

      Pretty sure she pulled her into the waterfall.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        using her other hand ; and put the waterskin back in the ring in the center-right panel.

  • Inaki

    In a serious fight, Hitting on your opponent, in both meanings, is completely fair game.

  • Kaelpie

    Techcally she got her wet.

    • voidrunner404

      *Ba Dum Tss*

  • Dorje

    It wasn’t about the vulnerability. Nyna was just waiting for Kaylin to get PvP flagged. And that taunt in panel two was enough. Seriously, those were fight’n words.

  • Jahmir White

    I agree with Kaylin. Nyna is cute!

  • GES280

    totally a catboy.

    • Seiggrain Hart

      Try and look at the cover page for this chapter again.
      Nyna is definitely not a male. Unless male cat people in this world have very visible breasts.