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The Ivory Forest – #02

The Ivory Forest – #02 published on 25 Comments on The Ivory Forest – #02
In dungeons and dragons, when you have this encounter, don’t resist the urge to try and ride it. Fantasy life is more fun when you just go for it.
  • The Aussie Bloke

    Psst. Last panel. Missed the t in “brought”

  • Mark van Esch

    Heh, last encounter I had in DnD included wrestling a boar into submission and naming her Tusky.

  • i’m guessing a beast net would let her capture it.. and maybe tame it?

    • Correct, I figured most people could figure that out on their own, and it doesn’t make sense for her to think “Oh i should have brought a beast net! That item would have allowed me to possible capture and tame the creature!” it would be like me thinking “Well I finally finished this comic. A comic is a collection of images and text to tell a story!” I just have to hope people think “Is that like a pokeball type item or something? Sounds like it’s a pokeball like item…” XD

      • LifeWulf

        I was thinking she’d just drag it back to show him, it never occurred to me that it was a “Pokéball-type item”. Then again, I’ve never played a pen-and-paper RPG before, and I don’t remember throwing nets to tame things during my brief time with WoW.

  • LordViking

    “don’t resist the urge to try and ride it”
    … That was my first impulse upon finding bears in BoTW actually, as well as several other animals.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    *Mononoke Hime theme starts playing*

  • “Ride” it?

  • Hevensdragon

    She is evil. Also pretty she you need a specialty saddle for a wolf. So its lvl 50 and was she actually a little worried? Whats the games lvl cap ie whats her lvl?

    • zophah

      It looks like she is worried that the creature is completely outside of it’s habitat encounter tables.

      • Yeah, it’s a little disturbing to find a creature that is made for arctic encounters… in a forest. There can be reasons for it. The reason it’s way out on the edge and is a level 50 is disturbing for figuring out what kinda creatures are in the center that have somehow displaced a creature like that. Since wolves don’t often give up territory unless there is an overwhelming need to. Either food is too scarce or it’s dangerous to be there. We’ll find out eventually.

  • Inaki

    Perfect mount, gone. Oh well maybe she finds something better to mount that would freak Jack out…..then again he is easy to freak out.

    • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

      maybe a Wyrm Drake? a legless Dragon-like creature that has only wings

      • Tsuki_Ouji

        or his sister

  • Jordan Bai

    New mount!

  • Sandman366

    Man, that’d be hilarious. (That last panel.)

    Also, wolf is mildly gorgeous. (And not mildly huge….is it a mount, too?!)

    All of this and yet I still think the most curious bit is the “we” in the first panel. (I’m….weird, obviously….)

    • tych

      I didn’t notice it at first but your right the “we” is weird

    • The “we” is from how Kevin would have talked about Kaylin as a separate person, it’s a carry over from how he would talk in the past being a streamer and thinking of Kaylin as a character, not as himself.

      • Sandman366

        I wondered if it was with the expectation of someone listening in, even though knowing full well there shouldn’t actually be anyone nearby. (Didn’t think it as a mistake.) Also didn’t think it through to that conclusion, but yeah, does make sense.

  • tych

    The white wolf calls will you answer?

  • voidrunner404

    Me: *I know this is going to kill me, but to hell with it* Try to ride it!

    DM: You roll a 10: You hop onto it’s back and manage to tame it!

    Me: Yay! I thought I was-

    DM: …However, you fall off and land on your head; You die.

    Me: Dammit…

  • Tsuki_Ouji

    Exactly. Everybody knows that Animal Empathy is only there so you can convince a shark to let you ride it and jump over your ship.

    • LackeysLack

      In Soviet DnD, shark jumps you!

      • Tsuki_Ouji

        I had quite a fun time playing a totemist in a pirate-themed game; sadly didn’t get to do that, since the campaign finished shortly after I gained the class, and the DM flaked out on running a small-scale followup to help playtest a PrC he had made (which was the entire reason I HAD totemist… grumble grumble…)