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The Ivory Forest – #01

The Ivory Forest – #01 published on 8 Comments on The Ivory Forest – #01
Chapter 3 Begins! If you missed the chapter cover page, I put it up the day before this so you can just hit back to check it out. Enjoy!
  • tych

    “…and she was never heard from again”
    looking forward to something going funny

    • Hidden colony of lesbians in the center of the forest, she probably just forgets she was on a mission.

      • tych

        pretty sure she would be ruling that colony already if it existed

        • She didn’t know until she found it.

          • tych

            you know she would if their was one

      • Jahmir White

        More like hidden colony of extraterrestrial lesbians stranded in the center of the forest.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Don’t worry bro, it takes a bit.

  • Psyche

    Jack seems confused enough by Kaylin’s magic armbands. I can’t imagine his reaction to her more powerful skills.