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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    The who knows what in the center may be one of her drinking buddies

    • Or a new drinking buddy.

      • tych

        we will all be drunk by the end of this mystery

  • Sora Neku

    “Seriously, ‘NPC’s’?”
    “Not Particularly Consequentials.”
    [Joke stolen from Nodwick]

  • Psyche

    Is Kaylin gonna have to explain the whole video game thing to Jack?

    • Pfft. No. Far more fun to leave him in the dark.

  • zophah

    Wasn’t ‘NPC’ determined to be a slur a few pages ago during the last time she traveled?

  • Sandman366

    Hoo boy, Jack….you’re in for a world of confusion. And once you get over that, maybe fun. (Until then, more fun for us! =D)