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Rosestone – #25

Rosestone – #25 published on 20 Comments on Rosestone – #25
One more page for Chapter 2! . . . I never got back around to making a cover for Chapter 2. Guess I will add that to the list of work that needs to be done this month!
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    it’s a Quest !

    • Dorje

      And not an Escort one! Well, stage 2 will be an escort, but it’s more of a “Lore Walk” than a running battle.

      • Eboreg2

        The only reason Escort missions are annoying is because of retarded AI. I don’t think their dad is going to be furiously attempting to walk through a tree and failing any time soon.

    • tych

      the prophecy has been fulfilled the quests have returned

  • tych

    I can’t wait till Jack sees how badass Kaylin is it’s going to be hilarious

    • Valkana

      Unless all the monsters stay away, like the trip to this town.

      • tych

        oh yeah forgot about that…well it will be hilarious none the less to see how jack reacts to that too probably play it as they got lucky all the while kaylin and his sis knowing that its her fault and then that obligatory someone gets to far away and a monster shows up scene that is to follow

  • CivD666

    I pity the poor vicious beasts in the forest if they are dumb or desperate enough to attack Kaylin or any one in her party.

  • ZRO4825

    Oh come on Jack, at least that’ll get her out of town for a beat so she’ll leave your tavern ladies alone. XD

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      …while likely traveling with his sister

  • Khaele M Painter

    Lol, why are the siblings standing behind a bar??

    • Psyche

      My guess is that it’s probably the front desk at their family library.

  • Psyche

    Apparently, Jack doesn’t know what Kaylin is capable of. This’ll be interesting.

  • Sandman366

    Kaylin: Sweet, something to do!

    Relm: Oh good, she can make it there in record time, and everybody will be safe!


  • Alliance

    Anyone else pictured a big yellow exclamation point floating above Relm and/or his brother ?
    Come on! That first panel is screaming to have one there! ^_^

  • Inaki

    The forest moves for no man, so send in a heavily armed and supplied tank instead.

  • GamerKale

    Maybe you could use panels 1 or 2 from the previous page for the cover?

  • Sleel

    Ha. Nats we avoid the forest… Nah. I’ll just march thru it scrub. Wait what? I’m a PC, why would I act like a NPC? Git Gud.

  • Xodiac

    I can’t wait to see their reactions when she puts an entire cart of food and other supplies in her inventory.

  • Xodiac

    I can’t wait to see their reactions when she puts an entire cart of food and other supplies in her inventory.