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  • tych

    best drunk page ever

  • ZRO4825

    Well, it’s not like she’s wrong? lol

    • Meoi Lass

      true dat

  • ocbrad1

    Damn I love Kaylin! Soooo much drunken fun!

  • Psyche

    Drunk Kaylin is more fun than regular Kaylin.

    • Sepher

      Which is saying something cause regular Kaylin is pretty damn fun already.

  • Too many comic authors forget about words like “voluptuous” and “buxom” when describing their characters. It’s good to see that not all of them have.

    • Meoi Lass

      tisk. yes, it is quite sad some days.

  • Xodiac

    She really does seem to get a kick out of embarrassing other people. Was she a father in the other world?