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  • Psyche

    I’m slightly curious as to why Relm was concerned about the lack of locks on the bedroom doors.

    • LordViking

      She doesn’t trust herself to stick to her own room with Kaylin around in the other room 😉

      • I think you may have it backwards.

        • LordViking

          I see that a joke that relies on a slightly sarcastic tone has failed again in text form…

      • Kitirena Koneko

        Well, could YOU be trusted around someone as cute as her without locking bedroom doors? I’m not sure I could! -_^

        (And before anyone asks if I’m referring to Relm or Kaylin, the answer is “yes!” {evil grin})

        • LordViking

          I decline to answer that accusation… (Totally not because my answer would be very similar to yours -_^)

          • Kitirena Koneko

            {giggle} Dirty minds think alike, no?

          • LordViking

            Totally forgot to reply to this right away, but then again, you already knew the answer since we’re of one mind it seems.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Dorje

    I’d have called it the Ruffled Hooter.

    • That’s a great name but the Angry Owl has a special meaning ^_^

  • Kaelpie

    The best one i ever heard of was the Don’t Go Inn.

  • Henry Cannon

    I really would have wanted to see Relm’s face in the last panel tho.

  • ogre of the dark

    “Angry Owl Tavern”, I like the sound of that ! Could be my favorite watering hole.

  • The Aussie Bloke

    Given that Kaylin can pick locks, locking the door or not is irrelevant, Relm