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  • Henry Cannon

    Relm went from “M’kay” to “DO NOT WANT” in zero seconds flat there

  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Sage, has your “convenient cleavage syndrome” been acting up again? I coulda sworn Relm was smaller…maybe its just me?

    • For now I’m just assuming she wears more “supportive” clothes for work, and isn’t seeing the need right now. The captain of the Guard is her brother or something, lends credence to this, aside from Kaylin, there’s probably nobody who would attack her in her hometown.

      • Her waitress outfit was a lot more supportive and restrictive. Currently her outfit is a braless spaghetti strapped dress very similar to a skimpy nightgown but longer. That said… I’m sure my ccs has been an issue still, but I don’t think it’s that bad here… Yet. Give it time.

    • ogre of the dark

      Nope … it’s not just you.

  • Eltharrion

    I’m kind of imagining Relm having jumped on top of some bookcase in the last panel, really. All we’d need to indicate that 100% would be some dust cloud at waist height in there. 😀

  • Lee Shane

    So close, yet so far. 😉 BTW, you accidentally put ‘of’ twice in the forth panel.

    • Nice catch, thanks for the help! Uploading the fixed one now!

  • Gravedigger

    damn, I was hoping for an intimate bonding scene

  • I don’t get it. What was the other way of repaying her?


    • Exotic Dancing.

      • SintraE’Drien

        I think you have an “x” in there instead of an “r”. (:p) (j/k, and I don’t think you intend to take it that far . . . )

        • “I don’t get it. What was the othex way of xepaying hex?”
          No, that doesn’t work…

  • Facade Kitsune

    ah yes couldn’t give up that last opportunity to tease her

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    woops, I had missing an update.