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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Eyes are up there, kid.

  • CivD666

    Is it just me or does Kaylin’s face scream trouble in panel 6?

    • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

      yeah she seems to be thinking of mischief.

      • Kitirena Koneko

        With someone as pretty as Relm, how could you not? -_^

    • Sandman366

      On the one hand, just looks like a natural smile.
      On the other hand, she so looks like she’s got at least six different plans to mess with them, and they’ve only just met.

      Seasoned professional, right there.

  • zophah

    Usually with town guards in the daytime it’s split between ‘let them go through but watch them’ and ‘stop them at the gate and ask a lot of questions’.

  • Good cop/bad cop, or in Riften each gate is watched by a bad cop/corrupt cop pair, though now that I think of it, they might have both been corrupt, making them bad…Well, one of them was nice to me, so i don’t know.

    • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

      just pay the bloody guard at Riften if you don’t have a high enough speech skill. you get complimented by Brynjolf which is always nice.