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  • voidrunner404

    Wow… This actually makes me think of all the things people seem to take for granted :/

    Also, good page!

  • Alliance

    Trying to remember her origin is undestandable for Kaylin.

    Unfortunatly, she may be looking at the wrong direction. It’s not what Kevin was able to do she should be trying to look for but more WHAT he was and in what context/reality he was existing.
    Understanding that will make her more understand what she is really now in contrast to what she was before.

  • Tinchen

    this is kind of sad…
    still ty for the page =)

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    well yeah, the whole point of Kaylin’s existence is to be cooler than Kevin. that’s really the only reason she exists as she does.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    For all we know, the original Kevin was booted out of the game and got himself a new job without realising any of that

    • John Walker

      There’s also an absence of other adventurers, for the longest time too. I’m thinking the servers were shut down and this instance was restarted for… some reason. But there’s still no players yet.

  • Mercenary X

    God, that’s Scary and sad, to forget yourself, to lose all that makes you you. What’s worse is that you could say that this is part of the soul and that stuff scares me to no end.