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Rosestone – #07

Rosestone – #07 published on 10 Comments on Rosestone – #07
If it’s relatively unsafe without numbers or horses, why would bandits hang around when they can just be around when they know something is worth stealing? Of course larger cities and more well protected cities will probably have more crime beyond their boarders but out here where so few people live it’s infested with dangerous animals… That don’t want anything to do with a high level adventurer.
  • Thorn Brier

    Especially true when there are probably gods of dreams out there.

  • zophah

    “You are too high level for this area. Either mentor down, or find somewhere more suited for your level.”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Maybe the dire wolves want to be pet too, Kaylin

    • Golden Script

      Omg, yes! I’d love to see her tame creature. But in most games like this only hunters can take creatures TT^TT

  • Hevensdragon

    Wait a second. For the monsters to be avoiding her their instincts must be telling them she is dangerous, but that means at some level they are sensing her power. Dosnt this mean others can as well. Seeing as a rather powerful person came out of nowhere wouldnt she show up on a lot of people and monsters radars right away, exspecaly if her powers just radiate.

    • Dorje

      Well “level” and “experience” are quantifiable aspects of just about every “creature” in an MMORPG world. All you need is a “sense” to query that information. Most “monsters” (hostile animals count) usually have an Aggro radius which senses that information when a “creature” is close enough, and informs them to either be aggressive, or be passive (so as not to bother high level players as they fast travel through low level zones). You don’t find “level sense” in many “NPCs” as they don’t really need it for interactions with “PCs” or each other.

      Maybe the descendants of “Quest Givers” would have that “level sense”, as they need it to gate off certain quests and dialog options.

      • Hevensdragon

        Oh man i am well aware oh how an mmo works. My point was that this game heavily favors realism. With that in mind for low level mod which tend to range anywere from boars to bandits to not agro on a high lv there should be an explanation or it will break the immersion. Now the question is what makes them not attack because depending on what it is she is potentially a magnet.

  • jrh150482

    “Haven’t ran” in panel 1 should be “haven’t run”, unless that’s how that character talks.

    • Relm is a commoner despite having some education, so I feel like “Haven’t ran” is more appropriate to how she would speak.

  • Tinchen

    she is an animal alright…
    i bet not only in fights >:3