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  • That actually a rather clever way of explaining it

  • LordViking

    NPC = Non Possessed Creature
    I think that would sound innocent enough to not freak her out and matches the current explanation.

    • Seiggrain Hart

      That might work actually… Here I was sitting as I read it worried about how Kaylin would explain NPCs to the possibly only bi-curious girl in the world…

      • ZRO4825

        Oh, PRETTY sure she’s not gonna be the only bi/curious individual Kaylin runs across…..

        • Seiggrain Hart

          And I’m sure there’s other homosexual individuals out there like Kaylin, but that’s besides my point.
          The way Relm reacted after Kaylin explained her sexuality implies to me that either there is no one who’s gay/bisexual in her town/area… OR they’ve gotten really good at hiding it for some reason.

    • It sounds perfectly reasonable, makes sense, and is short enough to fit in one or two panels.
      Which means it’s not going to result in hilarious hi-jinx, so I hope they don’t go with it.

    • Dorje

      Is “NPC” an insult? Now I have to stop and think about that.

      It has diminutive connotations, as it makes assumptions about characteristics that PCs have that the NPCs lack. Could it be taken as insulting? Very much so, as most diminutives can be, since the main assumption is the lack of intelligence or sentience. Of course any term, even “normal people” or “non-possessed creature”, used as a substituted would have the same implications. “Adventures” just flat out do not see “normal people” as their equal, or even fully sentient.

      Of course that bias is based on assumptions of how “game AI” is programmed and handled. Which could be very different in the far off year of 2076 (+200ish subjective years).

  • Bushmaster

    Explaining all the scientific advancement;
    Kaylin: “… and then we harnessed the power of steam and began using the boiling of water as a medium to change the heat energy of burning wood and later coal or oil into motive force, this allowed…
    …sometime later we found a way to create and control lightning without magic”

    Relm:…… (Mind blown 4 or 5 major advancements ago)

    • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

      the most mind-blowing advancement we’ve made is the computers! computers can be used to create entire worlds that can be interacted with.

      • Piccolo

        The The book conceives and has access to a library that stores all knowledge that is known, but it does not store this knowledge within its pages. It is part of a great library made of billions of other glowing tomes, though some do not glow, all are connected. The shelves of this library are infinitely immense. They host knowledge and connections between these knowledges.

        • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

          aye but computers can hold an entire library of books in the space of your hand

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    Next Kaylin will say that the “other person” that inhabited her mind is a man, which may be used explain her homosexuality.

  • martin leske

    ty for the page
    now the question is…
    which mind is real 😉
    and what happened to the “other” person

  • Sandman366