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Prologue 24

Prologue 24 published on 13 Comments on Prologue 24
Two Comics remaining for the Prologue! Don’t forget the Katbox is looking to improve it’s- well everything! Click the link below to find out more and how you can help! If you can’t afford to donate, how about spreading the word?

  • codebracker

    Huh, some gard captain, get’s his ass kicked by a fresh player.

    • Jindra34

      There is a year of experience behind the character so odd definition of fresh.

      • Maybe everybody is a noob until they start to hate the game?

        • James-Polymer

          That…would explain most of the interactions I’ve had via MMOs. =/

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …yeah, almost losing an eye would make me pretty cranky, too.

  • Sandman366

    Drunk enough to forget beating the crap out of the guard captain.

    Hey, bartender feller, I’ll have what she’s drinking, and I want the whole damn case. (And if she had more than a case, then I’ll just have twice whatever she had.)

    Death by alcohol poisoning, woo! Here goes! Hah.

    • Michael Halpern

      I believe he was hit by a flying door…

      • Sandman366

        He put the slider down some, but she ain’t that flat….(heh.)

        You sure it was just one flying door? I’d say two, and probably some tables, but the chairs were probably for the other guards.

        • Michael Halpern

          No one door or a double saloon door, she blacked out after that

          • Sandman366

            Eh, maybe she just took the easy route and used the wall.

            If she hit him with any bottles, though, she totally drained then before smashing them on his face.

          • Michael Halpern

            She clearly used the door

          • Sandman366

            To get into the establishment. Any use of the door thereafter is entirely theoretical.

            Unless we get to see her….using the door. That’d be great. BAR FIGHT!

  • trantos01

    So it seems she’s relapsed back to pure Kaylin. Wonder how long that will last.