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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Holy damn, it’s along of what I feared. But there’s still so much to learn about how :3

  • Elynnas Sionel

    Ahha. NOW, there’s something going on.

    • HoppyGuy

      There was something going on before, but this is the major development I think many of us were waiting for, yes.

  • Should we call this an Overlord moment?

    • Nope. You could call it an incident though. If you haven’t read the about page I highly recommend it as it explains the genre in great detail. There are going to be a lot of similar things to other litrpg stories simply because they are unavoidable things that must be addressed like npcs, evolution of the game world, how pcs are viewed etc

  • Sandman366

    And the “whaaaaaaat?” page finally shows up?

  • Dragoncat

    Is there a glitch in the program? I hate it when that happens…

  • Sandman366

    *looks around*

    Wow, I just realized there’s no “Archive” button. I mean, I realize it doesn’t even have two dozen pages yet, but still. Nothing to get around other than manual back-and-forth yet. (Not a big deal yet, but this hardly sounds like it’s going to be short (=D), so it’s not like it’s something to be left off for too long…)

    • <_< There is an archive! XD There is a link to it too! But the archive hasnt been formatted correctly yet – but it works. So im going to add it to the top right now XD

      • Sandman366

        Hey, anything for an archive works better than no archive.
        (Well, usually, anyway….also depends on how the pages are listed. Not as bad if they’re all by number, but when there’s a name there too, it’s really, really hard to search through pages without some kind of archive, even if it isn’t formatted “properly”.)

  • in333

    I really wished the stream would keep recording, but lonely route it is.