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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I like NMBRS already.

    • Sandman366

      Certainly seems like someone to listen to. Certainly has the data.

    • Seiggrain Hart

      Reminds me of those info brokers from dot hack.

  • Golden Script

    Okay. So far, out of the watchers that I remember, we have the pervy jokester that doesn’t know anything about the game, a decent game nerd who can identify and Critique everything that she gets and does, the social guy that knows everyone in chat, And now finally we have the major game expert that was more than likely a beta tester for the game, or a hard core player.

  • Brad Evanson

    Digging this comic. The general storyline could stand on its own, but the added layer of the chat over the game brings an entirely different vibe and perspective to things.

  • LUNA

    I would’ve thought that “Oh, I am going to love this band.” would be better suited there.

    • That is what I originally had but my lovely editor disagreed. I think it’s probably a difference in dialect. Kinda like how I have met people who have never heard the phrase “Down the Road” to mean “away from here” or “further in time”. Considering I’m effectively a “country boy” and she’s more of a “city gal” (lulz don’t hurt me for this), I’m hoping her choice of phrasing is more fitting for a city person since, Kevin is from a large city and not from a southern rural area.

      • Sandman366

        Eh, both work. Preference of phrasing on if there’s a pause there or not. Depends on the character, basically.

      • Tahg

        To me, it’s the difference between a statement and a question, regardless of what punctuation is used.

  • Sandman366

    Oh please, you want weird?

    Sometimes faceless text feels more natural to me than face-to-face talking.

    …………………..what?……….I said it was weird…………..

  • Piccolo

    I love this comic because you have the rpgs GAMING aspect down so well!

  • Piccolo

    OH GREAT SAGE… a thought occurs to me; the blade says being “drawn” but does it have to be from the scabbard? Could our MC draw it from his inventory to force the effect then send it right back, poisoning, and damaging the opponent without them knowing what hit them?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      With RL logic, that’s because the scabbard is full of poison and re-coating the blade as it’s inserted in it.

      • Piccolo

        Thats understandable, i was just thinking that since it said “magic” item rather than something like “unique” item, it might be applicable.

        • Game mechanics wise it simply means the item must go from being unarmed to armed.

          • Piccolo

            Excellent! So that means she can quick stash it and re equip it for a sudden sneak attack!

            For example, if she were to try to make a feint by putting it away then attacking it would make a great sneak attack.

  • DresdenQ

    NMBRS is great fun, I like him already