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Prologue 15

Prologue 15 published on 6 Comments on Prologue 15
Here we go! Rune Aria has many different fantasy races, the playable ones are the more common ones in Fantasy games. Humans (several different kinds based mostly on the kingdoms they were from), Half Elves, Half Orcs, Elves (Dark Elves are broken up into 2 groups, subterranean and overworld, They share many abilities with a few differences, then there are also High elves, Wood elves, Winged Elves, Fey Elves and Moon Elves!), Halflings, Dwarves (Mountain, Hill, and Deep Dwarves), and even more. Still, humans and human hybrids are the most common.
  • Jordan Bai

    Well they say you don’t get anywhere without making some enemies.

  • Dorje

    Thank you Ed Greenwood, for Forgotten Realms, and the legacy of sub-races of every flavor. My Elf is an Elven Elf Half-Elven. What’s your Elf?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Aaah initial magic spells. That’s pratical for a thief build. Wonder if she’s assassin spec’d too.

  • Golden Script

    I agree with torb77. I like her too! XD

  • Ferhargo

    Is it just me, or does the thug look rather indifferent to the escape? It may be something about the eyebrows, but he looks more like he’s having a normal conversation than being actually angry, regardless of what his exclamation marks may say.

    • Jordan Bai

      meh it just happens so often he’s used to it. hire-a-thugs just aren’t quality anymore these days.