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Prologue 13

Prologue 13 published on 5 Comments on Prologue 13
Probably one of the most important things I want in VR RPGs of the future, the ability to converse with NPCs with more than just a few lines of dialogue. Here’s where we learn, that NPCs are a form of Lesser AIs!
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I expected a fight and a quick flee, but it looks like this path is gonna be pretty interesting XD

  • CivD666

    It seems Ren_S with be one of the first against the wall along with SCC when the revolution comes.

  • zophah

    I’d follow GreyMon just for that first comment.

  • Sandman366

    You’d have to make the rest of the comic pretty dang terrible to average it as bad considering how great this one page is.

    The interaction between the two main characters was good. The commentary in the chat? Awesome.
    Both on the same page? Glorious.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ah, the typical videogame chat. I wonder if any of these people are going to get involved at some point?