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Prologue 11

Prologue 11 published on 12 Comments on Prologue 11
And we have kinda the first time Kaylin is shown in the comic. This is also something I used to do in games a lot with a bust slider. I would take it as large as it goes, and then scale it back down a bit. So next time we get to go into the first time he gets to play in the game!
  • LifeWulf

    Bit of a self-insert with the breast slider thing, eh? 😛

    I personally liked the default more, but, eh, your comic.

    Btw, second panel, it’s “definitely”.

    You spelled it right in the second-last panel!

    • Oh jeez – thanks, fixing it now. And that large of a chest is not what she has. Final version of her will be in the next comic. The last part of the comic is showing he’s reducing the bust size.

  • Jerabi

    is it just me that wants to know what the entire warning about playing as the opposite sex is? just me? ok.

    • The majority of it is there. It’s stating that some people experience a minor disassociation disorder. A bit different from the one we are familiar with. It’s based on the concept that we have this feeling of who we are but if we were placed in a different body our minds might reject that and cause issues. Kinda like if you suddenly grew a foot taller over night, you would immediately notice something was wrong, you might have trouble walking or you may experience minor vertigo now that everything looks different from how you remember it. The idea is, the sensations you feel in this new body may cause you to feel less normal and prolonged exposure could worsen this state.

      • Jerabi

        so… in other words. transgenderism? you know what gender you are in your mind. but your body doesnt match? *shrugs* kinda figured that. which makes me asking the question in the first place seem stupid…. *beats a hasty retreat with smoke and stuff*

        P.S. i am rather hyper due to alot of sugar… i apologize if my randomness has affected anyone negatively

        • Where all these smoke bombs people keep using to disappear, how come I only have access to the generic firework version available around Independence Day?

          • DarkMyste

            You have to shop at the secret ninja smoke bomb shop

          • Michael Duffy

            Of course finding it requires you to use a smoke bomb to show its location as the only clear spot XD Fire does not work it just triggers the move directive …

  • Elynnas Sionel

    Came here after looking at your character on the Twokinds comic.
    Also? Your site is registered into my “To watch regularly”.
    Thumbs up from France 😀

  • Gravedigger

    Kaylin is actually a guy, im seriously disappointed

    • Hope you keep reading anyways, lots of things can happen.

      • Gravedigger

        oh I didn’t mean it like that, ive been reading Yosh! for a long time and ill read this one too, but my delusional sexy fantasies are so much better when the character is originally a girl, the whole gender swap thing makes it awkward