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Prologue 10

Prologue 10 published on 8 Comments on Prologue 10
Color? Why color suddenly? Well, I can’t give away the exact reason but think of it like a Wizard of Oz kind of thing. The “Real World” is black and white while the “Virtual World” is color. As for why, that will become apparent with time.
  • Caleb Vander Klippe

    Cuz the real world is boring?

    • Dang, you figured it out already… Nah I’m kidding. 😀

  • jrh150482

    It’s SAO all over again. ALL RIGHT!!!!

  • Corey M

    Is it because he begins to only live in the virtual world, and all his memories of the real world fade?

    • Close, but it’s more complicated than that. Good guess though considering I did show that he’s narrating this part of the story and is worried about forgetting it all. I hope you like where it goes!

  • DarkMyste

    Oh gods he going to be a vr game streamer this would be fun to see as a comic, I just hope you don’t turn into a not a villain Esq comic where the world ends and he starts to blame himself for it or did do something

  • Sandman366

    I envy this bastard. VR Office and AI for doing all the books in the blink of an eye.

    Also, he gets to do a VR Let’s Play for a living.

    So not fair. 🙁