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Prologue 1

Prologue 1 published on 12 Comments on Prologue 1
Getting things started! If you’re curious about where this comic is going there is an About page to explain the Genre. As for the Update schedule it should be every Wednesday. The black and white is a design choice that will make more sense eventually! Hope you all enjoy as we get this going!
  • Aisk

    “And so our story begins”

  • Dragoncat

    I find that “the black and white” are ideal for flashback stories.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      I’ve been wondering if it’s just that guy’s output on life. Kinda like Tomoya at the start of Clannad.

  • zophah

    And so we get to see the budding orichalcum inventor!

    • This story actually has no relation to Yosh! Saga what so ever other than the artist making both.

      • zophah

        Oh. Ok.

  • Sandman366

    I get to follow a comic from PAGE TWO! (One? No, the cover is that. Oh well.) Woo!

    ….wait, that means it’s going to take absolutely forever for there to be any archives to read. 🙁 Meh.

    • Even better (or worse depending on perspective) this is page two of the PROLOGUE, so you are actually starting it X number of pages before page one. So you aren’t starting on the ground floor, you’re in the bedrock, looking forward to watching the foundation get poured. 🙂

      • Sandman366

        Not really, actually, because then I’ll be buried alive, and that’s rarely any fun….

  • Piccolo

    is the name pronounced “A.I.” or “Aye”

    • A. I. Artificial Incident is the name.

      • Piccolo

        Mkay~! good to know! Like the name.