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  • Selene

    Hi pretty kitty!

    • Kitirena Koneko

      Nyaa? Oh, you mean the one in the comic! For a moment I thought you were talking to me, nyao!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Here, lemme give you a hand.

  • LifeWulf

    Finally! Nyna makes an appearance!

    I was beginning to wonder if she’d just stay an off-panel character. 😛 (jk!)

    • Hevensdragon

      When did she show up exactly?

      • LordViking

        As far as I know she hadn’t shown up in the story yet, but she was shown in some concept art, teaser material, and the cast page.

      • Kitirena Koneko

        She hasn’t officially, yet.

  • SintraE’Drien

    Oh my . gif 😉

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    well now… i wonder what’s going to happen?

  • Tinchen

    the image in the lake reminds me of Cheshire cat from alice in wonderland

  • Hevensdragon

    so it took me several seconds to realize i was not looking at blue in a Halloween costume. Yosh is just above artificial incident in my bookmarks so i thought i misclicked and even reloaded the page before i realisezed this is infact a whole new character.

  • Psyche

    We finally get to meet the catgirl! Also, is Nyna’s name based on the Japanese onomatopoeia “nya”? It seems like it could be.

      I tell the story of how she got her name on the About page. Which I also just found out the about page was very strangely messed up. It should be fixed now.

      • Psyche

        Oh, that’s interesting. Cool story!

  • asebw

    Somehow, this feels like a dream scenario come true for Kaylin.

  • ocbrad1

    Well, looks like Kaylin’s day, is picking up.

  • Sleel

    Le mew? Le Purrrrrrrrrrrr! :3

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Nyna, nyao! Because there’s never any such thing as too many catgirls, right? You’ve even got one (me) running amok in the comments, nyao! Whee!