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  • Feartheswans

    Those Big ears aren’t for show after all 😀

  • CivD666

    I like Kaylin’s choice of sleepwear.

    • yes me too, i wonder where i could get some arm bands like that

    • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

      yeah. in the nude.

  • Henry Cannon

    Video game character hair here, people. Relm’s hair is a mess, while Kaylin’s was all neat after waking up.

    • Elves are just naturally better at managing their hair, and other such stuff, they don’t get groggy or that cloudy stuff in their eyes in the morning either. Plus a player character might have the higher quality shampoo and conditioner in her inventory….

      • Henry Cannon

        Let me just ask: how long is your hair?

        • I have it short right now, but I had it down past my shoulders for a few years, it tangled way too easily. Probably because I don’t come from any mystical elvish bloodlines….

          • Tsuki_Ouji

            Muahaha, mine is 1/3 of the way down my back, no tangles!

          • Damn you, I will have my revenge for this indignity…that…wait, is this really a one up type situation…?

            Anyway, yeah mine would be tangled anytime I didn’t have something in it, water, gells/sprays, a comb, or if anybody looked at it too hard.

      • Tsuki_Ouji

        Or a magickal item that keeps her hair nice and keeps her clean and smelling nice even after getting thrown in a garbage pit (I know I misquoted it, but cookies for anyone who still gets the reference)

    • Sandman366

      Well, yes. She was, after all, a video game character…

    • rand

      Double check 2nd panel her hair while better was also a bit messy and oily

  • epsilon246

    Huh, those gloves are new. On a seperate note I have enjoyed the story so far, I do have one minor criticism and that is that sometimes the necks are a little too long and thin. Hardly dealbreaking but it is sometimes distracting.

    • If you mean on this page, her hair is in front of it.

      • epsilon246

        Cant say this page has any examples. Usually I notice it the character is face on to us.

        • That just goes to show how big their chests are, not how thin their necks are, it’s about perspective. Those necks are just too far away.

    • I’ll try to keep em consistent and properly sized. I’ll have to go back and check if any are off too much and fix. Any pages where it’s really obvious?

      • epsilon246

        There are a couple on p15 of this chapter and panel 4 of p17 is a little noticeable. Though I would advise not getting too bogged down in fixing things like that I’ve heard it can be a real timesink.

        • If it is something I can do relatively easily I am more than happy to improve the quality of the comic! Thank you for taking your time to let me know.

          • epsilon246

            Your welcome.