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A Different World – 21

A Different World – 21 published on 13 Comments on A Different World – 21
Who here actually thinks the next page is going to be her talking about stuff like that? Because if you think it isn’t going to just skip to her reacting you probably haven’t been reading my work for very long! XD
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    *gets the popcorn*

  • Henry Cannon

    “Descriptions and personal space would be even better!”

  • Valkana

    Sees “I could show you” and the first thing my mind goes to is: where’s that web pattern you just had on your chest 2 panels ago?

    • Dang it. I always hide the netting when coloring and I forgot to turn the layer back on. I’ll fix it when I wake up!

      • LifeWulf

        Sage confirmed for sleep-posting.

        • Meoi Lass


  • voidrunner404

    Dang, you update early! Also, not going to lie, I’m a little saddened if you plan to just skip to her reaction

  • Samantha Griffith

    Man it is so easy to get hooked on your comics great work loving it so far.
    *Also gets popcorn*

  • Michael Halpern

    Sounds like someone is interested in “adventuring” and “exploration” both with and without air quotes…

  • Úlfur

    when you open the cast drop down window one of the cast is “Space Captain Mike” who the hell is that

    • We’ll find out… in like a year or so!

      • Soul_Est

        Looks like Kaylin isn’t the only tease here. <.<

  • Gravedigger

    the audience needs more