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A Different World – 20

A Different World – 20 published on 16 Comments on A Different World – 20
We’re back! It’s good to be back online! If you haven’t kept up with the comic since the site went down you can catch up from here!
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Aah, youth.

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    of course Kaylin’s a lesbian. her past life was that of a man!

  • Alara Kensei

    “Use the L word.”
    “The other L word.”

  • HoppyGuy

    Awkward Kaylin is a very attractive Kaylin…

  • The Irish Viking

    think i’ve seen a similar rendition of that male elf in a *cough* adult *cough* game

    • voidrunner404

      FoE by Alder perhaps? If not, I just made a reference that you probably didn’t get, and now I will slowly fade into the shadows.

      • The Irish Viking

        Fenoxo Forums? its been awhile since I’ve played any of the games so cant remember the names outside of Trials In Tainted Space

        • voidrunner404

          FoE, or Fall of Eden , had an elf that could join your team. They could be male or female, and they were rendered a lot like that picture.

          • i have done many things to that elf as many gender/species some good… some bad… and at one point mind break him i think… choice makes me evil

          • voidrunner404

            You are not alone my friend, you are not alone xD

  • Matthew Duncan

    Maybe this is what happens when a VR MMO has a Server Crash. You never hear about it in related stories. I haven’t, at least.

  • voidrunner404

    Hey Sage, I’m new to the comic and I was wondering, is there a set update day, like some comics update every Wednesday?

    • You got it right- Every Wednesday 😀 (Yosh! updates Monday Wednesday and Friday, while AI here is every Wednesday)

      • voidrunner404

        Than I will be here every Wednesday! I really love your art, by the way 🙂

  • Úlfur

    hooray its back

  • Onivlas Brony

    I like how this scene of an (incarnated) woman teaching another woman about same-sex relationships
    was posted the 8 march. Coincidence ?