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  • avenger_co

    She is the tutorial. Class dismissed.

  • James-Polymer

    Did she…did she just bash his face into her boob? Because I don’t see that as much of a punishment. O_o

    • The Aussie Bloke

      Looked like she introduced him to Choppy to me

      • James-Polymer

        Ah, I see it now. The sudden lack of onomatopoeia threw me off. >_<

    • Jerabi

      personally i thought it was her knee. bringing ones knee up as you bring their head down can infilct a shit ton of damage.

    • Golden Script

      it looks like she karate chopped the back of his neck XD

  • Dorje

    Someone’s looking to escalate things. But can he pull the dagger from the wood?

    • Golden Script

      by the looks of it. it seems like the fight loosened it up

    • Daionor

      She broke the table with him, that probably loosened it more than enough to do just that.

  • The Aussie Bloke

    C’mon brown-hair, don’t do something that makes her ACTUALLY hurt you.

  • Golden Script

    okay. something just clicked for me. is she gay because the person who played as her was a straight male? or is it something that she herself decided on?

    • Belmontzar

      based on her calling the one guy ‘decently cute’ im guessing our sexy elf is probably gonna be Bi.

      • Golden Script

        yeah. that would make sense if it weren’t for her saying “for a boy” right after that XD but who knows. i could of just interpreted that wrong.

  • Michael Halpern

    The kid looks like a less messed up and certainly less dead version of Joe the previous Magi of Fire in Yosh

  • Sandman366

    “I’ll even throw them out if you want. (Might just throw them out anyway…)”