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Rosestone – #17

Rosestone – #17 published on 3 Comments on Rosestone – #17

We are lucky that through history we have had people try to go back and find out everything they can about history that hasn’t been already recorded. History is important, especially in a video game because that’s called “Back Story” ^_^

Welcome to Artificial Incident!

Welcome to Artificial Incident! published on 2 Comments on Welcome to Artificial Incident!

Artificial Incident is a LitRPG webcomic! What is a litrpg? Well that’s the reason I put together an about page! If you are curious about what this comic will eventually become you can read about the genre here! As for the black and white/grey scale, that’s also explained on the about page! That said, no the comic is not going to only be in greyscale. I love working in color and am looking forward to the comics that will be in color. The reason for the grey scale beginning comics is an artistic choice to divide areas of the comic with a visual that sets them apart completely. Comic will updated every Wednesday, and I hope you enjoy what is to come! Thank you!
-Phil “Sage” Brown